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Memphis Commercial and Advertising Photography
Product Photography

Commercial photography, advertising photography, and product photography services for catalogs, product sales and marketing brochures, web sites, and Internet Advertising, E-commerce, and Internet Shopping Carts.

We do product photography in-studio or on location in manufacturing plants and in regional distribution centers. We bring portable lighting and backgronds to ensure the best quality lighting for sharp and detailed product photography.

We do on location and in-studio corporate branding photography, taking photos of people and products, with placement of product branding logos in or on all the photographs taken for corporate branding programs.

We travel to do location photography of interior and exterior buildings and busineses for local publications, corporate or business publications, or national magazines. Our services include stage productions of broadway plays, entertainment shows, actors and actresses, and dance or show teams.

Our in-house studio provides professional photography lighting equipment and techniques, proper background colors, and in many cases the use of "Chromakey" green screen photography services.

Our product photography is done with high quality professional 12 MP Ni and 24 MP Nikon cameras ensuring that all images are sharp and colorful. For high end smaller items like jewelry, we use a Nikon 105 MM F2.8 Macro Lens to do macro and close up photography to preserve the details of these small items. For fashion photography, we do in studio, on-location, or on runway photography services.

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Collierville commercial photography, Collierville commercial photographercommercial photography, commercial photographer

We photograph large and small items and our photography processes ensure we can shoot more than 250 items per day, depending on packaging issues related to unpacking and repacking the items. We provide on-site labor to handle the item from its staged area, onto the photo platform, and back into a pre-determined area for staging the inventory back into inventory. We use bar code readers to rename the photography files to a product code number, a cost effective and efficient manner to properly and accurately name photo files. For smaller items we can use a ruler in the photo to establish a visual point to reflect item size.

Our product photography services include formatting all images to appropriate print dimensions and resizing photography image files for web use and optimization.

Delivery of the photography output can be immediate if needed, but always ready on a DVD and in your hands within days of the photo shoot.

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