"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

And We had a great Vision.

From Ground to Graduates, blue prints to foot prints

Collierville Photography proudly presents the building this great new school photo by photo.
Follow the links to see the project progress from the ground and from the air.

The Land-1-28-2016-Aerial Photography
Ground Breaking-Candid Photos 5-13-2016
Ground Breaking-Event Photos 5-13-2016
The Clearing 6-13-2016-Aerial Photography
The Clearing 7-14-2016-Aerial Photography
The Clearing 8-18-2016-Aerial Photography
The Ground Work-Laying the footings of the future 9-1-2016-Ground Photography
Construction Progress-9-15-2016-Aerial Photography
The Ground Work-Going Vertical 9-30-2016-Ground Photography
Growing from the ground 10-15-2016-Aerial Photography
The Ground Work-Getting Larger 11-3-2016-Ground Photography
Growing Outward 11-14-2016-Aerial Photography
Getting Bigger 12-14-2016-Aerial Photography
Muddy and Wet, Work Goes On 1-12-2017-Ground Photography
Still Growing 1-17-2017-Aerial Photography
Bricks Starting To Cover The Mortar 2-15-2017-Aerial Photography
Outward and Upward 2-20-2017-Ground Photography
Moving Along 3-16-2017-Aerial Photography
Coming Along Nicely 4-14-2017-Aerial Photography
Gym Coming Along 5-2-2017-Ground Photography
One Year In, One Year To Go-5-15-2017-Aerial Photography
Filling Up The Land of Learning-6-15-2017-Aerial Photography
Looking Forward-7-14-2017-Aerial Photography
Looking Ahead-8-15-2017-Aerial Photography
Walking the Halls-8-12-2017-Ground Photography
Progress Everywhere-9-14-2017-Aerial Photography
10 Months and Counting Down-10-14-2017-Aerial Photography
Sports areas now being developed-You Know We Are Close-11-16-2017Aerial Photography
An Insider Look-11-30-2017-Ground Photography
Almost ready, almost. Looking Great-12-14-2017Aerial Photography
Sports Facilities Moving Ahead-1-29-2017Aerial Photography
Almost Done 3-31-2018 Aerial Photography
The final Touches 5-1-2018 Ground Photography
A smell of football is in the air-5-23-2018 Aerial Photography
All we need are goal posts Aerial Photography 7-27-2018
The Last Push-School opens 8-13 Interior Photos of 8-1-2018



Another great asset being built by the wonderful Town of Collierville

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